Industrial designs

Applications relating to a single design, as well as multiple design applications, i.e. applications including several industrial designs, may be filed, provided that, in the case of multiple design applications, the designs concerned are intended to be incorporated in articles belonging to the same class of the International Design Classification under the Locarno Agreement. The requirements for registration are as follows:

1. Applicant’s full name and address.

2. Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant.

3. 10 graphical representations of the design. A publication fee is due to be calculated per square of 6 x 6 cm, and, therefore, if possible, the representations should be of the size 6 x 6 cm. However, if necessary or appropriate, the representations may be bigger, provided that they do not exceed 18 x 30 cm. In case of a multiple design application, representations of each design concerned must be filed. If colours are essential and publication in colour is desired, coloured representations must be filed. For publication in colour a higher publication fee is due.

4. Brief description of the characteristic elements of the design(s).

5. If postponement of publication is desired (with max. 12 months from filing or priority date; see above, “Official procedure”), request for postponement.

6. If an assignee applies: deed of assignment, signed by assignor and assignee, and certified by Notary Public.

7. In Convention cases: certified copy of the application whose priority is claimed (may be filed within 3 months from filing application). Priority documents being in (or translated into) English, French, German or Russian may be accepted, but the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks may require the filing of a Romanian translation of same. The priority claim must be made on filing the application. Priority term is 6 months from first application.