When you need to receive accurate translations of patent specifications, Nowapatent has the qualified, experienced translators to deliver the results.
Our firm can provide high-quality translations of patent specifications, claims from

German > French
German > English
English <> French

Performed by specialists with the relevant background, Nowapatent delivers the accurate patent translation work needed by clients for correct evaluation or for filing applications in foreign or international patent offices. Accuracy and precise terminology are vital to preserve the integrity of the patent and protect against infringement.

Nowapatent applies the necessary care and expertise needed.
Our patent translators have a combination of technical background, linguistic ability, and years of patent translations experience to meet your highest expectations.
Our patent translators are specialists in their chosen field, fully understand and are qualified in the subject matter they translate.

Some of the major fields we work in are:
• Mechanical
• Chemical
• Medical
• Material
• Electrical
• Construction
• Software
• Aeronautics and space

Patents are written in a unique style and contain specific information; so when it comes to translation you will require the skills of a specialist. Patent translators offer not only extensive subject matter expertise but also a wealth of experience in patent conventions, practices and specialized patent terminology.

We guarantee that the highest quality standards of translation are met by selecting the best-qualified, most experienced translator for each patent translation project.

We understand that our clients have different and changing requirements. Perhaps your patent needs to be translated for filing purposes or maybe you want to know the general content of the document in order to obtain particular information? We can provide the patent translation tailored to your needs! We offer confidentiality and exceptional attention to detail which means that your patent translation is in the safest of hands.

We guarantee:
• Accurate, consistent, quality translations
• Experienced, qualified patent translators and editors
• Quality control through proofreading
• Projects produced to your budget and deadline
• Translations tailored to your needs
• Outstanding customer service
• Confidentiality

The steps we are following when translating a patent are:
1. After receiving the order, we assign the project to a translator who specializes in the language and the field of the original material.
2. After the translation is prepared, it is assigned to a technical editor, who is also familiar with the language and field of the original material. Any questions that arise are discussed with the original translator, and revisions are incorporated in the translated text.
3. Finally, the translation is formatted and read once more by an experienced editor/proofreader, who ensures that all changes have been incorporated and that the text reads smoothly. It is then delivered to the client an electronic of the translation.

Nowapatent offers prompt regular service, with a turnaround of 10-15 working days for most translation projects.

In the years that Nowapatent has provided patent and intellectual property translations, we’ve never seen two exactly alike. Each situation has requirements, purposes, and nuances that drive a specific translation response. We offer multiple levels of tailored service across various categories—all competitively priced.

• Full-service, comprehensive translation of the entire text
• Partial translation of the document, such as claim sections, portions of the claims, invention summary, etc.
• General outline or overview translation for situations when only the most vital information is required from the document;

Our charges are all-inclusive.
There are no hidden extras such as typing, insertion of formulae / graphics, certification, postal disbursements, charges for extra copies.