The firm NOWAPATENT was founded in 1996 and is a public limited company, which runs according to the Romanian law.

The main office is located in Medias, the geographical middle of Romania, inTransylvania, where the Dracula myth arose.

The activity fields of NOWAPATENT include the sectors of patents, trademarks and industrial designs, license agreements and general industrial property situations, as well as all domains and fields of activity, which refer to the activity of a Patent Attorney.

The Legal Law Department performs legal representation and advising in all legal areas and before all legal instances, as well as the Supreme Court.

Most of our attorneys, patent engineers and employees have solid knowledges of widely spoken languages, especially English, French and German. You can easily get in touch with us in each of these languages. Our patent attorneys and patent engineers cover with their specialties a large technical and scientifical area.

The primary objective of our firm is to provide the best possible services to our clients by delivering top quality work. Emphasis is placed on personal counselling to address client-specific needs.

The patent attorneys of the firm are committed to providing the highest standards in all areas of Intellectual Property with optimal cost-effectiveness in order to obtain the best results for clients in Europe and throughout the world.

Fields of activity


The property rights upon a trademark and the related issues (exploitation, negotiation, transaction and litigation) may often need expert counseling and representation.


Nowapatent has a solid background in the field of the protection of inventions, providing counseling in the acquirement, exploitation and transaction of the rights upon a patent.

Patent Drawings

We are fluent in the standards and requirements of the EPO, PCT, USPTO and other Patent Offices around the world.

Patent translations